roof decorationsThe roof is a great place to decorate if you are looking to get in the holiday spirit. You don’t want to ruin your roof with all those decorations and lights. Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration has some great tips for Christmas decorating that won’t damage your roof.

You can skip the staples. You are creating holes and gaps in the seals that keep water out by putting a staple into the roof shingles or other areas. This allows moisture to seep into your roof. While it may not cause significant water damage, it can cause mold and mildew growth. It can also allow air transfer to take place which can increase heating costs during winter months.

Anchors and clips for decorations. Plastic clips and ties are better than staples for attaching Christmas lights to your roof’s edges. Although it may seem difficult to secure holiday decorations and blow-ups on your roof, it is worth the effort!

Do not add too much weight to your roof. Be aware of how heavy the decorations and displays are before you load up your roof. You can stress your roof’s shingles and supports by adding small pieces here and there, or by overloading your roof with too many decorations.

Be aware of the space available on your lawn. You may want to decorate the lawn, even if your roof is not capable of supporting the display you have in mind. It’s easier to decorate and safer to navigate and poses little risk to the structure of your home.

Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration can help you with any questions you may have about decorating your roof for the holiday season. We also have some suggestions on what to do and not do. We can help you determine the best way to decorate Christmas without damaging your roof.

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