gutterGutters are decorative and provide an attractive edge to your roofline. It is easy to forget their importance – if they work properly. However, if the gutter is clogged or leaky, you will quickly see its importance in maintaining your home dry and free from water damage.

Here are six signs that your gutters may need to be replaced. These signs are easy to spot, so make sure you check your gutters often.

What does A Gutter Do?

Although they may seem straightforward, gutters are an essential part of your home. Your gutter in Myrtle Beach will direct rainwater and melting snow/ice away. You can reduce the likelihood of structural problems and basement leaks by keeping water away form your foundation.

A 1,000-square-foot roof can see over 620 gallons per storm. Your roof and gutters work together to keep water from entering your home, where it can cause damage, wood rot, and mold.

Clogged gutters can cause ice dams in winter. Your home can be severely damaged by ice dams. Ice dams can cause damage to your roof or interior damage from water entering your home.

Signs that your Gutters are failing

1. Bad Odor

Your gutters can smell bad if leaves or other natural debris are clogging them. This can lead to unwanted pests like birds, mice, squirrels and other animals nesting in your gutters.

2. Water Spilling over

Your own waterfall is a sure sign that your gutter is blocked. A blocked gutter can cause water to pool on the other side, which can lead to a puddle in your basement.

3. Sagging

Gutters are made to handle water. Your gutters will bend, sag and pull away from your home if they are subject to the added weight of debris, pine needles and shingle granules, leaves, nests, and other materials. Even if the gutters are clear of debris, any amount of bending or sagging can reduce their efficiency.

4. Siding Stains

Standing water in your gutters could cause stains on your siding. Standing water can cause damage to your roof’s shingles and fascia boards.

5. Plant Growth

Seeds can also end up in your gutter system, along with leaves and twigs. These seeds can sprout if there is enough dirt and debris. Ever noticed a garden growing in someone’s gutter? This is a sign it’s time to clean.

6. It’s hard to remember when you last cleaned your house.

To ensure that your gutters are working properly, you should clean them at least once a season. It’s time to get the ladder out if you don’t recall when you last cleaned them.

Protect your Gutters and Your Home

Installing a gutter protection system is one way to ensure your gutters work properly. They can be applied over existing gutters, or on new gutters. These gutter guards offer superior protection than DIY screen protectors and don’t need to be cleaned. They also come with a 25-year warranty.

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