new roofPreventive maintenance is the key to roof longevity. Catching roofing problems early on will potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs costs. If done by a proper roofing expert, a roof inspection can reveal tell-tale signs of any potential problems. Your new roof needs to be maintained from time to time in order to prevent issues from occurring. If you are like most homeowners, maintaining your roof should be one of your priorities.

Here are some tips to help keep your new roof in pristine condition:

Check for leaks

You should never underestimate roof leaks regardless of how small. Even the smallest leaks can cause water damage like rot, mold, mildew, and much more. Preventing leaks, however, is not that difficult. All you need to do is hire a reliable roofing contractor to regularly inspect your new roof Myrtle Beach, SC. Preventive maintenance goes a long way and will keep any major roofing problems at bay.

Consult a roofing contractor

If you have noticed that your roof is somewhat sagging, has a few missing shingles, or if your roof looks worn, consult a roofing contractor like Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration. Don’t attempt to do your own roof inspection and repairs. It is best to consult a roofing contractor before deciding to have anything done to your roof. Bear in mind that you are more likely to cause damage to your roof or get injured in the process of DIY roof repair.

Check the credentials of the roofer

When hiring a roofing contractor, it is important to check their credentials especially if they are doing crucial tasks like a roof inspection or repairs. Doing so will be in your best interests. Hiring an unlicensed contractor to do roof work might lead to mistakes and exacerbate the damage. However, all of these problems can be prevented if you took the time to determine the legitimacy of a roofing contractor. All it will take is a few minutes of checking online and you are good to go.

Check the guarantee

If you are getting any kind of roof work done, be sure to check the guarantee. A lot of people get duped into thinking that the roof work was done accordingly only to find out that the project was botched. Substandard workmanship isn’t an uncommon thing in the world of roofing. Like most homeowners, it’s not easy getting up a ladder to check their work. Even if you manage to get up the roof, what should you be looking for? What are the red flags that you should be on the lookout for? With that said, what you really need to do is check the guarantee that they offer. Most roofers offer a 25- to 30-year warranty on new roofing. Warranties basically offer a safety net for homeowners in case any roofing issues appear.

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