roof contractor Myrtle BeachMany homeowners have fallen prey to scammers who claim they are roofing contractors. They were not only disappointed with the service they received but also had to pay a lot for roof repairs that would have fixed the more serious problems the scammers left. These frauds are easy to avoid.

Avoid these common roof contractor scams

Camouflaged repairs

Fraudulent Myrtle Beach roofing contractors may offer you excellent service, including the replacement of your worn-out shingles. You may not realize that the actual problem is often under your roof. You will believe that the problem is solved if you hide it. Surprised to find that the problem returns after only a few months?

Too many roof repairs

A common roofing scam involves contractors offering too much  roofing repair than your roof actually needs. You will pay more because they added on extra services. They may even offer to install additional roofs that make your roof more efficient and more resistant to wear and tear, so you’ll pay more. They are not necessary, as your roof is in excellent condition.

When you notice that the roof is being damaged by the additions they made, you will realize you are being duped. Unfortunately, the contractor has disappeared and cannot be reached.

Rates that are unreasonable

This scheme, unlike other roofing scams can be easily identified and avoided. When you first meet a roofer, they will give you a quote for all services and repairs required for your roof. To assess the services they offer, it is important to read their quote before you hire them. This is where you can see if Myrtle Beach roofers charge a high price for their services.

Roofers are free to charge what they feel is fair for their services. It is up to you to determine if the amount charged is fair for the services and repairs they are providing. It is important to know that not all roofers charge the same rates for their services. Some roofers charge high, while others have lower service rates. They may not offer the same level of service.

How to Avoid Fraudulent Roof Contractors

Do your research and do a thorough background check of any roofing contractors you are thinking about hiring. It is the only way to be sure they are real. You can quickly search the internet to see if they have any negative feedback. Check to see if they have been accredited by any city or state roofing associations.

Ask for references from clients that you can reach out to inquire about their services. If they do an excellent job, a legitimate contractor will not hesitate to provide references. If they hide something, they may delay giving you the information you need.

Here is a review from Yelp:

A couple of months back we experienced a roof leak in a bedroom that was causing a mole problem.  We contacted Greg Lilly Roofing company to inspect the roof.  Greg came out and did a complete assessment of the roof and recommend the next course of action, which included a full replacement of our existing roof.  Additionally, he worked with us in preparing the documentation for filing the shingles warranty claim as well as helped us with our insurance company inspection and resolution.  Both of these processes where beyond his work of the new roof installation.  For these tasks, Greg’s timeliness, professionalism, and customer services were exemplary. Further, the installation of our new roof was exceptional. His workers were very professional and performed their tasks with quality and care.  I am very pleased and completely satisfied with the work performed by Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration Company. My husband and I would highly recommend Greg’s services and would personally use his company if we have needs in the future.  Thank you Greg for job well-done and taking good care of us.

Evans and Mary Chambers
Myrtle Beach, SC

Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration is a professional and licensed roof contractor in Myrtle Beach SC.

Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

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