emergency roof repairHomeowners depend on their home’s roof to protect them and their belongings from the harsh weather conditions. So, what can you do if you a tree falls on your roof in the middle of the night or when strong winds rip apart your shingles? Do you know an emergency roofing contractor you can call during the wee hours of the night?

What Can You Consider As An Emergency Roofing Repair?

When a roofing system has been compromised, it will let water access your home’s interior. A protective cover or a quick roof repair should be installed to prevent further structural and interior damages. You can also emergency tarp the damaged area or the hole in the roof until the weather system clears and the damage on the roof can be assessed by a professional roofing contractor. He will also suggest a long lasting roof repair solution.

What Situations Need A Roof Leak Repair?

Animal, fire, or a weather events are the most common reasons why a roofing system is compromised. The environment is a roofing system’s formidable opponent. Winds that go beyond 50mph have the power to tear shingles apart from the roof and reveal the substrate. Limbs are torn off from trees and tossed around like they are as light as toothpicks but with enough strength to penetrate your roof. Lighting can create a hole in your roof while animals like squirrels and raccoons can do the same by munching rotted wood in your roof.

Call A Roofing Contractor

roof contractorIf you call a  Myrtle Beach roofing contractor in the middle of the night, he will wait until the storm passes before heading to your house. The roofer also needs to make sure he and his crew are safe. Also, there is nothing they can do if it is still raining heavily, or if there is lighting or strong winds during a storm. In case the roof damage is brought on by a fire, the roofer will go to your place and try to bring the structure back to a water tight condition. In most cases, fire can compromise the roofing system’s structural integrity, making it dangerous to work on. Once again, the safety of the roofing contractor as well as his crew is vital.

What To Do About The Roof Damage?

If you notice a roof damage, do not panic. What you can do is get in touch with your insurance provider and  roofing contractor for assistance. Be careful of storm chasers who follow bad weather events and make money out of homeowners’ fears of roof damage. Never try to repair the roof yourself. There is a high risk of getting injured and you might not be able to assess the actual damage properly. It can be easy to repair your roof but if the damage is extensive then you have to call the professionals.

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