roofRoof maintenance is not always a priority as we move into the summer months. There are no leaves that fall into gutters, snow damage, or severe winter storms. During this season, however, roofs will still need to be maintained and inspected, especially as the temperature rises.

Roof damage in summer can be caused by UV light, high temperatures, and high humidity. The heat of summer can cause severe damage to your roof structure and roofing materials. You need to be aware of what to look out for to avoid problems later.

UV Light

Roof damage can be caused by ultraviolet light, particularly in summer when it is able to hit surfaces with full force. Even during cloudy days, UV light can penetrate roofs.

The quality of your roof can be negatively affected by UV light. This causes the materials to degrade at an increased rate. Wood can eventually bleach and crack, shingles may buckle, peel, or split and the protective oils that protect your roof can dry out making it dry and fragile.

High temperatures

The most susceptible to heat damage are roofs that are not covered by shade. It can heat up to 150°F on a 90-degree day. This is especially true if your roof is made of dark materials that absorb heat. High temperatures can lead to the rapid decomposition of your roof’s materials.

High Humidity

Temperature rises can often lead to uncomfortable, humid weather. Condensation can form underneath shingles when humid air is present. This can lead to water damage and water leaks. This can lead to mold growth and may also pose a danger to your health.

Thermal Shock

Summer months are hot and the temperatures rise quickly during the day, then drop rapidly at night. These sudden temperature changes cause roof expansion and contraction. This causes tension in roofing materials and reduces their lifespan. These abrupt changes can cause roof collapse and damage over time.

How to Prevent Roof Damage

These factors can cause roof damage in the summer. However, there are many ways to protect your roof.

* Attic Ventilation – This is a great way to make sure your roof is ready for the summer heat. This will prevent heat buildup and condensation problems.

* Maintain your roof regularly: Don’t neglect to maintain it. Maintain a clean roof and fix any damaged flashing or shingles. Your roof will deteriorate quicker if you neglect it. However, regular roof maintenance and routine cleaning will prolong its lifespan.

* Inspection: Regular roof inspections are important before problems become more serious. Professionals will be able identify problems and repair them before they cause too much damage.

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