roof problemYour roof will last a decade or more if it is maintained properly. There are some weak points that should be monitored to ensure the roof is not compromised. Sometimes roof repair is necessary, especially for older roofing.

Common roof problems and how to avoid them.

Roof components that need attention

Fascia is a trim made of metal or wood that runs along the lower edges of your roof. It protects the inner part of your roof from the elements. It is also the place where drip edges are located and the gutter is attached. It is crucial to have the fascia inspected during a roof inspection. To ensure it is in good condition, you should have the fascia checked during a roof inspection. Other problems can be caused by a rusted or rotted fascia. South Myrtle Beach roof repairs must be completed immediately if problems are discovered.

The soffit – This is the section of the roof directly below the fascia. This component is responsible for ventilation and repairing the roof’s underside. The roof’s key component is ventilation. This vital component allows the roof to breathe and is free from humidity. The soffit can have problems if it is in direct sunlight or exposed to rainwater. Some pests may try to get into the roof through the vents in the soffit. To ensure there are no pest entryways, it is important to inspect the soffit.

Flashings – The flashing on your roof is either a strip of metal or a plastic. These flashings are placed in the corners and joints of the roof. The roof won’t be water-resistant if it doesn’t have flashings. The flashing seals the roof. The adhesive used to attach the flashings is called a glue. The adhesives can deteriorate over time and eventually crumble. Roof inspections should include checking the flashings to make sure the adhesive has not been damaged.

Without proper maintenance, the roof can experience a wide range of problems. A roofing contractor should inspect your roof at least once per year. It is important to make sure the roof is in good shape. Leakages on the roof can quickly lead to disaster.

Roofs should be checked for damage during storms or hailstorms. Roof problems can include missing or damaged shingles, holes and cracks. The integrity of the roof structure could be compromised by leaks. Your roof may be at risk if it is not properly inspected by professionals like Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration. Hire a roofing professional to inspect your roof and repair it when necessary.

Have you not scheduled a roof inspection to check for a roof problem? Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration is available for you today. We can be reached at 843-222-9796.

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