clean roofIf you want your roof to last, you’ll need to clean it. There are many roofs that offer warranties. You can buy shingles with a 30-year or 50-year life expectancy. However, the small print will state “Roofing system must always be properly maintained and cleaned.” This is where hard work comes in.

How to Safely Clean Your Myrtle Beach Roof

Clean your roof at least once a year and fall is a great time for roof maintenance. This is especially true if you live in an area that has a lot of sediment like a wooded lot. These are five labor-intensive methods I have used over the years to clean my roof:

1. Hose Technique (or Lazy Technique)

Grab a long hose, a nozzle and your swimsuit to have fun on hot days. The Myrtle Beach roof cleaning technique doesn’t work very well. In fact, it’s not even adequate. However, you can at least say that you tried.

2. Hand and Broom

Get on the ladder and put on shoes with good grip. Take the risk of falling from your Myrtle Beach roof seriously. Don’t do this alone. Next, simply pick up any major debris and sweep it into the neighbor’s yard. (Kidding.) Use the broom with caution. It will cause asphalt shingles to lose their durability and may not last as long.

3. The Annoying Leaf Blower Approach

Are you aware of anyone who likes the sound of a loud leaf blower? I sure don’t. Some homeowners associations have banned the use of these tools. They are a great tool for cleaning a roof. To avoid inhaling the dust, use a good dust mask. A leaf blower is easier on your back, as you don’t have to bend over as much to remove the debris. However, it can be more difficult on your ears and on your relationships with locals.

4. Mold removal from roofing systems

Have you noticed those ugly black stains on your roof shingles? The problem is not mold. It’s probably dead algae that grows on some roof shingles. The spots can be removed using commercially available roof cleaners or a simple solution of soap, hot water, or bleach. You can use a soft scrub brush to remove the spots, but you should never pressure wash your roof unless you plan on installing a new one next week.

5. Have you ever seen moss?

Roofs that are too dry or have too much shade can become green moss. Moss can cause damage to shingles by growing under individual shingles and causing them to leak. You can kill moss by using a chlorine bleach solution. This will prevent it from returning for a long period of time. I mix 5-10% bleach with the rest of the water, and use a sponge to apply the solution to the mossy roof areas. Vinegar or dish soap are also possible. Chlorine bleach should not be hosed off. It can damage your garden and cause irreversible damage to your plants.

Get up! Attention is required for your Myrtle Beach roof. Call Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration to have your roof inspected.

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