new roofFor many reasons, curb appeal is crucial for your home. A house with a better curb appeal can help increase its value. A shabby or unattractive property can make it seem unwelcoming or impersonal. A roofing contractor can help you learn more about how a new roof can improve your home’s curb appeal and provide all the necessary residential roof repairs and installation services.

Create a Design Element with a New Roof

Although it’s easy for homeowners to forget about the roof’s design, a few minor changes and improvements to its slope or construction can make your home look better. Cross gables are a type of dormer, but they don’t have side walls or “cheeks”. Cross gables can add charm and elegance to your home.

Simple roof lines are best if your home has many windows, shutters, large exterior trim pieces, or other details. Simple lines allow for other features to shine and prevent a chaotic appearance.

Color updating

An outdated color can add style and visual appeal to your home. A dull, greyish roof will not improve its appearance. Reddish tones work well with brick homes, while slate greys coordinate with modern homes and metal and glass fixtures.

A new roof color can make a dull exterior look interesting and modern. A bluish-tinted shingle can be used to dress up white siding or grey shingles, and deep brown roofing tiles to keep a tan-coloured house from disappearing into the sky.

Update the Home’s Look

An updated roof or new roof shingles can make your entire home look new and modern. Your home’s outdated and drab roof might be affecting its appearance. You might be surprised at how much better your home looks after a new roof is installed.

Exterior brick can often look brighter than siding after a new roof installation. Shutters and other trim may also appear to “pop” underneath a new roof, making them more visible and appealing overall. To make your home look new, you don’t have to do any other work except to replace the roof.

Older roofs detract from curb appeal

A new roof in Myrtle Beach can improve curb appeal in many ways. However, an older roof can also detract from the home’s appearance. Even if your roof is structurally sound, water stains, soot spots, discolored tiles and dry and brittle tile damage can all make a house look shabby.

The more severe damage done to a roof, and the older and less worn tiles, the less attractive your property will be. Missing shingles, curled shingles and other roof problems can make a home look ugly and reduce its curb appeal.

Professional roofing makes all the difference!

The addition of a new roof can instantly improve a home’s curb appeal. But only if you trust the professionals. Professional roofing contractors do more than just replace damaged or worn shingles. A professional roofing contractor might also suggest ways to improve the structure and design of your roof.

A new roof can also provide insulation and protection from water damage and mold growth. It will make your home look great. Call Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration today if you want to improve the curb appeal of your house and give it a new look.

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