Roof Hail Repair

Have you or your business been affected by a hailstorm? It can be difficult to tell from the ground whether your roof has suffered major damage. A trained roofing professional should assess the extent of any damage.

Hail damage can seem harmless. It can do serious damage to your roof over time. Rainwater can seep into your home and cause the roof to fall apart. You should immediately have your roof examined if hail damage is suspected.

Shingles are designed so that granules protect asphalt underlayment and block UV radiation. The granules become less durable as the shingles age. The asphalt becomes dry when it is exposed to ultraviolet light. Hail damage can cause many things.

  • Accelerates granule loss
  • Reduces shingle losses
  • Manufacturer’s warranties for Voids
  • This can lead to other problems.

Roof hail damage can cause no immediate structural damage to the roof’s structure. Many insurance companies have “statutes of limitations” that limit the time a hail claim can be valid. It is important to act quickly if you suffer hail damage.

After a storm, inspect your roof immediately

Regular inspection of your roof is important to detect and repair the damage before it becomes more expensive. Regular roof inspections can help you compare roof conditions after severe storms. You can record the date of damage, and determine if the damage occurred before a specific storm. A roof can be damaged by wind or storm alone. You can prevent leak damage from your home by inspecting the roof immediately after a storm. Sometimes, this happens months later. The documented damage that you have collected will be supporting evidence for any insurance claim.

How can I tell if my hail damage is severe?

Look at any metal products on your roofs, such as metal caps or wind turbines. The shingles will likely have visible dents if they have any.

Check your gutters for gritty granules that have been removed from the shingles’ faces and collected in the gutters. Check the skylights of your windows to determine if they are damaged. Your roof may also have suffered damage if branches are taken from trees.

If I feel I have suffered damage, what should I do first?

To determine if your roof is damaged, call a local roofing contractor.

When do I need to call my insurance company?

After a roofer has been called, call your agent to confirm that there was damage. This is a good time to inform your insurance company about the severe damage.

What happens if a roofing contractor says I have roof damage and that I need a new one?

First, call your insurance agent to request an adjuster come out and assess the damage to your property. You don’t just need a roof.

The adjuster will provide information about the claims process and let you know when you can expect your money and what you should expect. Your insurance adjuster will work with us to mediate your case.

Does Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration work on claims?

Yes, we will help you from beginning to end with your claim. We will work closely with your insurance company in order to find the best solution that suits your needs.

What is the best way to get the depreciation back?

In most cases, yes. Most insurance companies reserve depreciation depending on the policy you have. After all the work has been completed, you will receive this information. Each claim may have many details and factors.

Do I have to give upfront money to contractors?

Contractors should not ask for money upfront, except in very rare cases. If non-returnable materials for your roof are ordered, a deposit may be required. If your insurance doesn’t cover the repair, a deposit might be required. Most roofing companies are reputable and will finance their jobs.

Are there many roofing materials I can choose from?

Absolutely. We are able to offer you many choices in material and color because we represent several roofing manufacturers.

Do you have any suggestions for how to ventilate my attic?

Yes, we offer insulation and ventilation services. For more information, call one of our project managers.

Need expert advice on roof hail repair? Contact Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration today and get the best roofing services in your neighborhood.

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