roofingYour roof can be damaged by excessive sunlight exposure. Protecting your roofing system from summer heat can extend the life of your roof.

How Summer Heat Can Impact Your Roofing System

Your roof can be damaged by heat degradation, UV radiations, and thermal shocks.

The roof’s life expectancy can be reduced by UV rays

The sun’s UV rays can cause your roof to age or decay quickly. It can also happen during winters and cloudy days but it is more severe during summer. Your material can be damaged by extreme UV radiation over time. It can cause asphalt roofing shingles to crack and split, and it can also discolor the oils in roofing and construction materials.

Extreme heat can cause the material to be destroyed

High temperatures can be absorbed by roofs that are unshaded and dark in color. High temperatures can accelerate chemical reactions, causing your roof and other elements to quickly fall apart. If left unattended, you will eventually require roof repair. You can stop heat buildup by installing proper ventilation.

The structural integrity of the structure is affected by thermal shock

As we mentioned, temperatures can rise quickly during summer and then drop rapidly after sunset. The roof’s structural integrity will be compromised over time as the roofing materials and construction materials contract and expand. This problem is common for metal roofing, as the material can become distorted and gaps are created.

Warm and humid climates can lead to mold and moss growth

High humidity levels can be a problem. Your roof can leak if moisture and condensation build-up between the shingles and the underlayment in summer. Mold growth can occur when moisture collects, which could pose a threat to your family’s health.

Direct sunlight fades your roof’s color

Are your shingles starting to fade? The sun could be to blame. Your roof can become discolored by the sun’s powerful UV rays. The ability of your roof to do its job properly can be further affected by this discoloration. Your roofing material’s color works to reflect the sun’s rays. This prevents the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your roof and keeps your house cool.

How can you keep your roof from the summer heat?

Regular roof inspections and preventative measures can help to avoid many of these problems. These are five ways to protect your roof from the summer heat, according to professional roofing contractors.

1. Shades can block the sun’s rays

A roofer can install polyurethane foam on your roof. This seals your roof from the harsh sun and makes it waterproof. Your roof must be cleaned before you apply the foam to it.

The shade provided by nearby trees is also good. They do not block all sunlight but they can help reduce your roof’s exposure to the intense sun.

2. Insulate

Insulation is most often associated with winter but it can also be used to keep your roof warm in summer. Insulation keeps heat outside of the roof just as it does in winter to keep the heat inside.

3. Use light-colored roofing materials

Darker roofs absorb more heat than those with lighter colors. Silver and white reflect sunlight, rather than absorb it.

4. Ventilate your roof

To protect your roof from damage by the summer heat, you can install exhaust and intake vents. These vents keep heat, moisture, and mold from being trapped.

5. Higher sloped roofs

Lower sloped houses have roofs that are completely open to sun heat. This can not only reduce the roof’s lifespan but also cause more heat damage. Because a large portion of your roof is exposed to the sun for a prolonged period, this can cause heat damage. A higher-slope roof may be a better choice. While you cannot change the slope of your roof, it is something you should keep in mind for your future homes.

Your roof should be protected from the summer heat

It is possible to prevent minor problems from turning into bigger ones by having your regular roof inspection. You will have a better roof that lasts longer and your investment will be more valuable. You can’t stop the sun from shining on your roof, but you can take preventive steps to reduce its impact.

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