roofing contractorHaving a safe roof over your head is much more than just an expression; it’s vital for the security and protection of any home. Finding the right roofing contractor to take on repairs or replacements can be daunting, as you don’t want anything going wrong which leads to further damage in the future – but with some sound research into potential contractors, there’s no reason why securing that reliable shield from outside elements won’t prove successful!

Taking control of your roof repair or replacement doesn’t have to be a daunting task – start by scheduling an informative conversation with the contractor and getting answers that are tailored toward you. Be sure to cover all the essentials, like their skill level, processes employed, and guarantee details – these questions will help make sure you’re well-informed before signing any contracts!

Questions For Your Roofing Contractor

Company Name and Physical Address

You should always make sure a roofing company has an actual physical address, rather than just relying on a P.O. Box number; if this is not the case then it’s best to move to another provider straight away! Don’t forget that you can go online too – check out their details using services such as Better Business Bureau and social media sites to confirm they’re legitimate before making your decision!


If a roofing contractor in Myrtle Beach is hired, homeowners should always ensure the company has workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Workers’ comp provides coverage in case of any injury to contractors while on-site; meanwhile, liability can protect against damages occurring during repair or replacement work by the roofers.

Homeowners may find themselves facing hefty medical bills and other expenses due to an injury on their property if they lack workers’ compensation insurance. Even worse, regular homeowners’ insurance policies typically fail to cover such surprising scenarios!


Before engaging a roofer, don’t forget to do your due diligence. Check with local authorities in your state, city, and county for the individual’s license information – it may vary from place to place. Be sure to find out their exact name as well: then you can confirm by hopping online or visiting licensing offices that their credentials are valid and unblemished!

Starting a roofing business is much more than just registering with the state: it takes skill and experience to be certified. Business licenses are an essential first step in getting started–allowing companies their legal identity for tax purposes, but not guaranteeing expertise on roofs!


A roof typically offers two levels of coverage with a one-year warranty. The manufacturer covers the materials, while your trusted roofer ensures quality workmanship will be provided and can offer an extended warranty for peace of mind that lasts past the initial period – but this could come at an additional cost to you. Make sure to ask about each level of coverage so there are no surprises along the way!

Roofing Subcontractors

Before you decide on a roofing company, make sure to do your research. Check whether any subcontractors will be involved in the job––complete with their insurance information and licenses. Dig deeper by also finding out about their physical address and official name – run it through the Better Business Bureau website or explore social media for red flags. A dependable roofer should explain why certain tasks are outsourced before beginning work!

Years In Business

Get to know your roofing contractor a little better by looking into their past. A company with experience in the business can provide much more than just good work at a decent price; you’ll also have access to ample customer references and viewable examples of previous jobs. Make sure that your chosen professional has what it takes before making any commitments!

Written Estimates

You don’t want an unexpected financial burden when the time comes to settle up. Make sure your contractor gives you a detailed, written estimate that includes every little detail; from labor costs and materials needed for the job, down to any unforeseen expenses. To ensure accuracy on their part -snap some pictures of preexisting damages before work begins- write down the dimensions or shape of your roof -and keep notes tracking all project materials just in case!

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