roof inspectionRoofs are a major investment. You want it to be there no matter what the weather. A regular roof inspection is important for ensuring your roof is protected and lasts as long as possible.

The Importance of Roof Inspection

1. Catch Problems Early

Your roof can be damaged by storms, high winds and winter weather. A visual inspection of your roof after such events can help you spot potential problems before they become serious. Your shingles and roofing materials will be further damaged if repairmen have to climb onto the roof in order to reach the swamp cooler or air conditioning. Regular inspections look for things such as granules and damaged tiles in the rain gutter.

2: Lower Repair Costs

One tile saved nine. You can minimize damage and repair costs by catching problems early. Regular inspections can help you spot things such as pooling water, blocked drains, and flashing separations.

3: Extend Life Expectancy

Roof inspections are a great way to ensure your roof lasts for 20 years. This protects your capital investment. This is possible by having regular inspections. Commercial roofs should be inspected twice a year. Roofs made of wood or composite should be checked every three years. Tile roofs can last five years.

4: Cost Efficiency

Nobody wants to spend money cooling or heating the outdoors. Regular roof inspections can identify any problems that could lead to inefficient temperature control. These problems can be detected early and saved you money in the repair of your roof, as well as on your energy bills.

5: Safety

Roof leaks can cause structural damage to your home or business. Regular inspections are a must to ensure that your roof does not leak. Mold can also be caused by leaks, which can have a negative impact on your health.

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