Roof replacementHere’s a quick overview of why the costs of roof replacement are so high.

Anyone who has ever filled up at the gas station knows that gas prices are on the rise. This increased cost is not only affecting transportation, but also other areas of our lives that aren’t directly related to cars. We all feel the effects of rising gas prices on many other aspects of our lives, including food prices, energy bills, and roof repairs.

Roof Replacement Costs and Gas Prices

Why? Asphalt shingles are oily. Asphalt shingles have been the preferred material in the United States for many years. They are more affordable than tile or slate, but they are mostly made of oil. A combination of a recovering economy and increased travel demand is affecting oil prices.

Rising gas prices are not only affecting the price of shingles. The effects of rising oil and gas prices compound throughout the entire production process of a roof replacement. Roofing contractors charge 15-20% more per job. There are so many variables that drive prices up and down.

Roofing contractors are also feeling the pinch from higher gas prices, in addition to rising material costs and a continuing labor shortage. It is true that roofers are now spending more on everything, whether it is buying materials, moving them, or installing new roofs.

Gas is an indirect cost to roofing materials, in addition to asphalt being a widely-used ingredient. Due to their size and weight, both raw materials, as well as finished roofing products, can have high transportation costs.

A survey about how the rise in gas prices is affecting roofing businesses found that 95% of roofers and other service providers expect higher gas prices this year to impact their business. Nearly three-quarters (73.5%) of them plan to raise their prices due to it.

It’s not something that anyone likes, but home renovations will be more costly than ever as gas prices continue to rise. Contractors will have to be mindful of this bottom line. Roofing contractors in Myrtle Beach can negotiate the price hike by adding a clear surcharge to customers and being honest about the impact of higher gas prices.

Adding a clear surcharge to consumers tells them that you’re not just unilaterally increasing your price but as long as gas is $5 per gallon this is my surcharge. If you put that in there, maybe you can make more efficient use of it. This also makes it more important to plan smartly in terms of routing and trip planning, and not be inefficient in your use.

Gas prices won’t be dropping anytime soon, so it appears that they will continue to rise. To deal with rising gas prices, homeowners and contractors will need to collaborate.

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