roof inspection myrtle beachIf you are planning on either buying a home or selling one, you’ll find it handy to have a roof certification. While a lot of cities don’t require the seller of a property to make major repairs before putting their house on the market, a roof certification definitely helps with the sale. When you come to think of it, selling a home with loads of issues, especially on the roof, won’t be appealing to buyers. Getting a roof inspection done is one way of making sure that your roof is in great condition, for your home to sell faster, and to fetch a great price.

What is a roof certification?

Typically, a home inspection only covers all the parts of the house except for the roof. That’s why it is very helpful to get a roof inspection done separately. On average, a roof inspector would do check the roof and report on the following:

  • Missing or damaged roofing materials
  • The condition of the roofing materials and the roof in general
  • The state of downspouts, gutters, and drains
  • Other areas of the roof like vents, chimneys, flashings, etc.

After the inspection has been done, the inspector would provide a certification, highlighting the fact that the roof is indeed in good condition. If during the inspection there are faults, and damages are found, the inspector then proceeds with providing a list of repairs to be made. The certification is then given and indicates as to how many years the roof still has before needing to be repaired or replaced.

Factors that may affect the result of the roof inspection and certification

The type of roof – the first thing that affects the outcome of the inspection if the type of roofing material used. As you may know, there are a lot of roofing materials on the market. However, the most commonly used type of roofing material is asphalt shingles. This is due to its price range and quality.

The age of the roof – as far as inspections go, the age of the roof is one determining factor whether or not repairs are needed. Roofs that are over twenty years old may need to be replaced. However, this will still depend on the current condition of the roof and if it still has a good number of years left.

The roof pitch – the pitch of the roof will determine how difficult it would be to perform the inspection. As you may imagine, a sharp incline wouldn’t be the easiest of places to be walking on especially if it is more than 20 feet above the ground.

The layers of roofing materials – in some areas, a roof replacement is done by placing a new roof on top of the older one. Although not the best solution. It will be a more cost-effective option when you compare it to the traditional way of replacing a roof which is to take apart the old one and install the new roof.

Quality of previous repairs – the last thing on the list is the quality of previous repairs. As you may have already known by now, hiring a reliable roofing contractor plays a huge role in the quality of roof repairs. It will affect the outcome of the inspection either negatively or on a positive note.

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