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A roof inspection involves checking every part of a roof. This includes its structural support and stability. A roofer will also look for signs of damage to ceilings and walls.

Roof Inspection: What Do They Check?

Structural Inspection

The structural inspection will assess the roof’s overall condition. Based on the layout of the roof planes, this part of the inspection will look for signs that could be an indication of a sagging roof.

The structural inspection does not focus on missing or damaged roofing materials but rather examines the health of the major components of the roofing system. The following signs indicate that your roof might be sagging:

  • Cracked, rotted, or splintered trusses and rafters.
  • Sagging ceilings
  • Collared ties that are missing or damaged
  • Broken or missing rafter ties
  • Leaning or tilting exterior walls

The roof inspector will check your roof and evaluate the condition of your fascia, gutters, and soffit. They’ll inspect any skylights, chimneys or vents for damage and check the grout, seals, exterior, and interior.

Material Inspection

The roofing contractor in Myrtle Beach will inspect the materials of the roof, which can include shingles, metal plates and clay as well as slate shingles. They will be inspected for damage, missing materials, staining, rust, moss or water damage. Inspection of the material also includes inspection of the flashing beneath the roofing material for signs or pests.

Interior Inspection

The interior inspection will look for any damage to the roof not visible from the outside. The inspectors will inspect the ceilings, attics and walls of the house. These signs are common:

  • Water stains
  • Wood rot
  • Mold
  • Holes in ceilings or walls
  • From the ceiling, beams of light enter the attic
  • Attic pests

Home inspections vs. Roof Inspections

The two jobs of home inspection and roof inspection are very different, but can be combined. A thorough roof inspection is included in almost all home inspections. However, it will not be as detailed as a roof inspection.

While they might notice roof problems, a roofing professional will be able to provide more insight. Unfortunately, some home inspectors don’t get to the roof.

They take photos either from the ground or up on the ladder. You should hire a professional roofing inspector to inspect your roof. A typical home inspection will include all three aspects of the roof inspection.

Home inspections are often done without looking for pests, leaving that responsibility to the homeowner. Roof inspections, on the other hand, consider pests to be one of their primary concerns. You won’t be able to request infrared or drone inspections.

How to interpret the results of the roof inspection

After the roof inspection is completed, the inspector should give you a complete report. They may take you on a tour of the house to show you the damage they have found, but they will not bring you on the roof.

Each roofing company will likely have its own reporting system. The insurance company may also have its own report if you are doing a home inspection. The report will include information about the roof’s condition and any recommendations for repairs. It also includes any concerns that the roof might fail. Finally, it will indicate how long they expect the roof should last.

A roofing company may perform a roof inspection and provide an estimate for any repairs. Depending on the extent of repairs required, the cost of roof repair can range from $365 to $1550.

A new roof will be required if the roof is not working in all areas. On average, a roof replacement will cost $14,360. If you need to make ongoing repairs, a new roof can save you money.

Is it possible to inspect a roof yourself?

You can climb onto a flat roof of a single-story home to check for damage or missing materials. You will need to have the right safety equipment such as a harness and it can be dangerous.

A ladder is the best safety device for a visual inspection. You should not attempt to inspect a roof if you aren’t familiar with it or are unsure of how to do so.

Even if you have inspected the roof yourself, a professional inspection should be done. An expert roof inspection will ensure that your roof is in good condition and you can proceed with roof repairs that will last many years.

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