roof inspection Myrtle BeachWe recommend roof inspection at least once per year. An annual or bi-annual inspection will help you identify potential problems and fix them before they turn into serious issues that can cost you a lot of money. You can easily spot underlying problems as a homeowner by simply walking around your home and looking at the roof or other signs of damage.

How can you check your roof from the ground? What can a roofer see by climbing up to the roof?

A Roof Inspection Checklist for Homeowners

Check out this list to see what you can find on your roof, whether from the inside or outside:

1. Water Damage

You may notice dark circles or spots on your ceiling or walls. This is a sign that your roof has a leak, which allows water to seep through the walls.

2. Mold

Mold growth can be detected by small clusters that are black, dark green, brown, gray, or white. The cause is excessive moisture in the home, most likely from the decking underneath the roof.

3. The Rafters are Sagging

If your ceiling is sagging, or if you can see light through the rafters of your home, either there is a hole in the roof or moisture has caused it to sag. These are both serious issues that require immediate roof repair.

roof inspection Myrtle BeachWhat you might not be able to see

Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration has a list that we use for evaluating your roof, from the top to the bottom and inside to outside. Never climb your roof on your own to check for damage. Here are some of the most common roof damage signs that a professional roofer may find:

1. Cracking and Blistering Shingles

The accumulation of water behind the roof layers is a common cause of cracks and blisters. Cracks and blisters can also be caused by improper attic ventilation, which causes the roof temperature to rise.

2. Loose Nails

Check for loose nails. They are caused by high temperatures and moisture on the roof. These can be dangerous, as they can cause roof components to come off.

3. Granule Loss

Shingles have mineral granules embedded in them that help to protect them from the sun and keep their color. The granules can be knocked off by heavy rainstorms, causing shingles to wear faster than normal. When getting your roof inspected, it is important to check the level of granules lost.

4. Dented Flashing

The metal sheet that is placed beneath the shingles prevents snow and rain from entering roof openings or cracks. Check your roof for any dented or missing metal flashing. Repair it immediately as it could lead to other problems such as rotting of wood and water penetration.

You should expect your roof to last as long as possible if you invest a lot of money in it. This is only possible if your roof is inspected regularly to detect any damage and have it repaired immediately. Our Myrtle Beach roof inspection checklist should help you keep an eye on anything strange that may be happening to your roof.

Do not hesitate to contact Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration if you suspect there is a problem.

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