roof maintenanceIt can be daunting to learn how to take care of your roof as a homeowner. You can make sure your roof lasts the expected life span of any type of roof. Regular inspections and roof maintenance can help prevent costly repairs and even replacements. These roof tips will ensure that your roof lasts for the expected time:

Give your shingles a thorough inspection every season

Each season comes with its own problems, depending on the weather patterns. Hot and humid months can cause excessive sun damage and hurricane damage. Cold winter months can bring snow storms and the possibility of leaking due to melting ice or snow. It is vital that you inspect your roofing materials and shingles every season. You should inspect your shingles for any signs of wear or damage. Also, note any missing or damaged shingles. You should inspect the integrity of your vent pipes and caulk around the flashing. Any moss or other lichen may indicate the possibility of material decay under your shingles. To prevent problems from growing, address them immediately.

Annually treat for moss, lichen, and algae

Allowing algae, moss, and lichen to grow on your roof can cause extensive damage and make it look ugly. This can happen in the shady parts of your roof during warm months. These growths can be easily removed by having your roof cleaned professionally. After your roof has dried, you can apply zinc and copper preventative products that will stop moss, algae, and lichen from growing back. These products can effectively prevent the growth of any substance on your shingles if applied every year.

Keep the gutters clean and maintained

Your gutters will protect your roof by diverting water and debris away from your roof and foundation if they are kept in good condition. Keep your gutters clear of leaves, sticks, and any other debris to ensure they do their job properly. To keep your water flowing smoothly, you should clean your gutters at least twice per year if there are no trees nearby. Cleaning your gutters quarterly is a good idea if you have trees or live in an area that experiences semi-regular storms like South Carolina.

Take leaves and other debris off your roof on a regular basis

You can protect your home and prevent it from becoming contaminated by roof debris. Even after severe storms, your gutters won’t catch all the debris and leaves that might land on your roof. It is crucial to inspect your roof regularly for debris and get rid of it as soon as possible.

Trim branches hanging near your roofline

Tree trimming near your home can help protect it from debris and impacts. Tree limbs can fly free during storms or natural disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes, which could cause damage to your roof. If branches hang too close to your roof or appear like they could fall in a storm, trim them. To determine when your tree branches need to be trimmed, it is recommended to inspect their growth on an annual basis.

Replace the caulk around flashings

To prevent water from entering your home, flashing is placed around chimneys and vent pipes on your roof. You should inspect your roof’s flashing and replace it on an annual basis to ensure that water doesn’t leak. Check to make sure the caulk has not lifted in any places or is missing during the roof inspection. To fill in the gaps, remove the caulk and apply a bead.

Make sure your attic has good insulation

If your roof is not properly insulated, snow and ice that has accumulated during winter will begin to melt at its lowest layer. This will allow water to freeze around your shingles. An ice dam on your roof can block water from draining properly from the gutters. This melting process can quickly cause severe damage to the roof and shingles. Insulation in your attic can help prevent this from happening by keeping heat from escaping through your roof. This issue can be prevented by installing high-quality insulation such as R-49 or R-60 in your attic.

Learn the effects of sun exposure on your roof

Your roof’s condition can be affected by the sun over time. The sun’s UV rays can heat roofing materials and cause damage by heating them. However, the danger of moss, lichen, and algae growth is much greater without enough sunlight. To mitigate these factors, a roofing contractor can help you understand how sunlight affects your roof’s condition.

Rely on your trusted roofer to handle all maintenance and repairs

Only a professional can tell you if your roof should be repaired or replaced. Trusting a residential roofing contractor in Myrtle Beach is the best thing you can do for your roof. Trusting a professional to maintain your home’s roof is a wise decision. But the most important reason is for your peace of mind. Experts in roofing know how to identify and repair all types of roofing and can keep detailed records of their work. You can rest assured that no matter what kind of roof you have, professionals will be able to help you maintain it.

A lot goes into roof maintenance and DIY doesn’t cut it most of the time. It’s still best to hire a professional to keep your roof in check. Call Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration today to make sure your roof is properly maintained all year round.

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