roofing contractorRoofing issues can be overly problematic especially when they go undetected for a long time. Asphalt shingles are rated to last for approximately 20 years or more. The actual lifespan of the roof will vary depending on a number of factors including brand quality, environment, and frequency of maintenance. However, there will come a time when roof repair or replacement is due. It’s important to understand when and how your roof gets repaired.

Here are instances wherein roof repair is due

Curling shingles – it’s common to see curling shingles. They are often brought about by age and sudden weather changes. Do not take this issue lightly, though. Even if the shingles are intact, it is not a guarantee of their quality if they have already started to curl. You should have called a roofing contractor and have your roof inspected if you see signs of damage.

Cracked shingles – hail and other natural calamities can cause damage to your roof. When you find any cracked shingles on your roof, have them fixed right away. Cracked shingles can make way for leaks which are harder and more expensive to fix.

Missing shingles – if cracked shingles are worrisome enough, missing shingles are more problematic. At the first sight of missing shingles, schedule a Myrtle beach roof repair right away. Again, it can be a contributing factor to leaks which can be a serious problem.

Leaking roof – any leaks on your roof can lead to more issues down the road. The longer leaks go undetected, the worse the problem gets. Be sure to have your roof inspected periodically to avoid such issues from developing.

Signs of wear – a few years after your roof has been installed, it will need a form of maintenance. Never neglect your roof by overlooking preventive maintenance. Always hire a roofer to check your roof for any issues. Do bear in mind that it is far cheaper to hire a roofing contractor and have a roof inspection done than to fix roofing problems.

Damage from the elements – any sudden damage like a tree branch fallen on the roof, major hail storms, or hurricanes can be serious that a roof replacement may be needed.

Should you do your own roof repair?

In theory, yes. However, it is not recommended to do your own roof repairs. There are a few reasons why. Here are some reasons why you should never attempt to roof repair on your own:

You may not fix the issue – untrained individuals might not fix the roofing issue at hand and exacerbate the issue.

Your insurance provider won’t like it – in case natural calamities cause damage to your roof, your chances of having your claim approved will be low if they find out you’ve been doing your own roof repairs. Be sure that any repairs or maintenance is done by a reputable roofing contractor like Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration.

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