roof storm damageThere are often heavy winds that blow through Myrtle Beach, just like over the weekend, sometimes, but not always, these heavy winds also bring storms, rain and even hail. It can be a common occurrence in our area, so it may surprise you to find out that wind damage can cause more damage to your roof than hail. It’s a good idea for you to inspect your roof regularly due to the weather in our area.

Wind can cause roof damage in many ways. Some you can see from a review of your roof from your yard, while others require closer inspection. While we recommend that you leave any roof damage that requires a ladder to professionals, homeowners should try to identify missing or damaged shingles by looking at them from the ground. You might also be able to find the problem in your attic by taking a quick look. Use a flashlight to check the underside of your attic for any discolored areas that could indicate water damage.

Wind damage is most common along roof edges and areas that are already susceptible to storm damage. Wind damage can sometimes lead to a roof replacement. This is especially true if the last time you had a maintenance visit was a while ago and any problems have accumulated. You might be able to save money on repairs and spot replacements if you’ve been keeping up with your maintenance.

A professional roof contractor like Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration, can help you determine the type of repair that is necessary. We offer free estimates and inspections. We’re available to assist you with any aspect of the process, even your insurance claim.

Worst Ideas for Protecting Your Roof

Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to protect your largest investment. Misguided homeowners can also cause serious damage to a roof. These are some of the worst ways to protect your roof.

DISCLAIMER – These are serious mistakes! Do NOT do any of these unless you want to replace your roof tomorrow.

Make A Gutter-Garden

Don’t bother with your gutters. Take in the stunning colors of fall leaves as they spill over to your neighbor’s envy. Bonus points to those who are willing to continue this effort until the small saplings begin to take root among the leaves.

Don’t Worry if Shingles are Missing or Damaged

At least half of your roof shingles should be kept intact. Don’t be alarmed if shingles are blown away by storms. You can rest assured that there are still some roof shingles. It’s just numbers, like so many other things in life. This will impress your insurance agent.

Ignore Overhanging Branches And Trees

Tree trunks can be allowed to grow on your roof, allowing for wind to whip the puppies across your shingles and possibly even ripping some of them off. Some homeowners might allow large limbs to fall on their roof. Only for experienced DIYers. This is not recommended for beginners.

Turn your roof into a hangout

party on roofYou should spend a lot of time on your roof. Invite friends and make a party of it. Make sure you get rid of as much as possible. This abrasiveness shouldn’t end up in your sandals or shorts.

Use Power Tools To Repair Your Roof

Power tools should be used sparingly to repair your roof. Be creative. For almost any item, drill as many holes as possible. You should be able to see the shingles. Take the time to look beyond the standard satellite dishes, solar panels, or Christmas decorations. It’s been all done. Consider signage, flagpoles and DIY projects as almost a tree house.

These helpful tips will make it easy to buy a new roof quickly.  All kidding aside.  As your home and family are the most valuable investment, your roof is worth protecting. It’s easy to take care of your roof. We can help. Give us a shout. One of our highly-skilled roofing technicians will be there to offer professional advice.

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