roofingWhen you are considering a roofing project, it is important to review several quotes and get estimates. This will help you to evaluate your budget and allow contractors to offer competitive prices. Greg Lilly Roofing and Restoration is your local provider of residential roofing services. Here are the details:

1. There are many factors that can make estimates and quotes vary.

Both terms are often used interchangeably but have distinct differences. An estimate for roofing is the approximate cost of a project by a roofing contractor. An estimate is only an estimate. The final project cost may be higher or lower than what was provided. A roofing quote (also known as a bid) is a detailed document that outlines all aspects of the project. It becomes a contract once it is signed.

2. Inspect the quote for important information.

These are the details that should be included in a quote from a local residential roofer:

  • The scope of the roofing project
  • A list of materials and accessories with a breakdown of each item’s cost
  • End and start dates
  • The labor costs include the hourly rate of workers
  • Miscellaneous costs (e.g. Permit application and construction disposal)
  • Information about project delays, changes due to weather, and unexpected roof repairs.

3. Estimates and quotes vary a lot.

There are many factors that influence the estimates. Prices for roofing products vary depending on their manufacturer. They can also increase if you choose to upgrade, such as asphalt roofs with anti-algae and metal roofs with reflective coatings. Products with longer service life and higher wind and fire resistance ratings will be more expensive.

You should also be aware that an estimate you receive may seem too good to be true. Contractors who are not careful will often offer lower prices but cut corners with substandard work and poor repairs. Disregard those who immediately offer you a lower estimate or quote.

Three reasons why it is important to obtain multiple roofing quotes and estimates

1. Find out if you really need a replacement

You can’t rely on one contractor to tell you if you need a roof repair or not. It doesn’t matter if the contractor is highly recommended or you are completely comfortable with their work, but it’s important to get another opinion.

You can find out if your roof needs to be replaced completely if you have multiple contractors inspect it. If one roofing contractor in Myrtle Beach claims you need a complete replacement, but two other contractors say you need repairs, it’s likely that you don’t really need a new roof.

2. To find the best prices and roof quality

It’s not cheap to replace your roof. It’s a good idea to get quotes from several contractors so you can compare the prices. You should compare multiple quotes and choose the one that is most affordable without sacrificing the quality of your roof replacement.

Some contractors will sacrifice quality in order to lower costs and outbid other contractors. This can cause roofs to be less durable.

3. You can find the right contractor

You can expect an honest assessment from a roofing contractor when they come to your home to inspect your roof. Be aware that some roofing contractors might try to sell you an inferior roof, even though you don’t actually need one.

You need to trust the contractor and ensure that they are looking out for your best interests. You can get an idea of each contractor who comes to your house by getting multiple quotes on your roof replacement.

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