roof inspectionIf you want to avoid costly roof repairs, you should consider having your roof inspected during spring or summer. It is best to have a roofing inspection done during these two seasons since the weather is conducive to outdoor work. What you should do is hire a roofing contractor to do the inspection. It only costs a few hundred dollars. However, you also have the option of doing it yourself. Although DIY roof inspections are not recommended, it is possible to do your own inspection.

Here are areas that you need to focus on during a roofing inspection:

Piles of leaves, algae, and moss

Don’t expect to see a pristine-looking roof when you finally decide to do your own roofing inspection in Myrtle Beach, SC. In most cases, roofs will have some amount of dirt trapped in the gutters and other areas. If you see any pile of leaves, clear them away. When you see moss and algae growing on your roof, have a roofer clean them up. Don’t attempt to use your own pressure washer. You might end up blasting the shingles off of your roof rather than cleaning them. Although you can do the cleaning the old-fashioned way, it will take too might time and effort, especially on a hot sunny day.

Issues with shingles

It’s no surprise to see some shingle problems on your roof. Some of the shingles might be buckled, cracked, or even missing. Unfortunately, you can’t easily proceed with the repairs unless you have a certain degree of experience, knowledge, and tools needed to replace roof shingles. If you find that there are areas of your roof where the shingles have gone bad or are missing, call your local roofing contractor immediately. Don’t let the problem go on without having them repaired. Cracked or missing shingles could make way for leaks. Roof leaks, on the other hand, are entirely different problems. It is best to fix any issue you may find before it is too late.

Do a close-up inspection

When you do your own roof inspection, be sure that you do a close-up inspection. Don’t just skim the roof, there are plenty of areas that you need to check. Of course, if you don’t know what you are looking for, you can always call Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration to come and do the inspection.

Check your attic

What most people who do their own roof inspection don’t often realize is that they need to check the attic. If you have a lot of stuff in your attic, it might be hard to move around and find potential problem areas. However, inspecting the attic is a major part of the roof inspection. It is important to not skip the attic since leaks and other issues can be found there. Again, if you want a thorough inspection, you could always hire roofing contractors.

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