roofingAre you ready for Halloween? We can help if your roofing system is playing tricks on you by leaking or missing shingles.

If you haven’t already, October is the best time to schedule your annual roof inspection! Winter and fall can bring high winds, humidity, rain, ice and snow that can cause havoc to your house. This is especially true if your home has been damaged by summer storms.

Be aware of potential problems as the temperatures drop. It will save you time, money, and energy by identifying and fixing problems early. Are you unsure if your roof needs to be inspected? These warning signs are important to watch out for!

When do you need a roof inspection?

1. Is there stuff dripping from your ceiling?

Summer storm damage is a common reason for roof leaks. Roof leaks can also be caused by roof damage from hail, strong winds, and heavy rains. A seasonal inspection can prevent small problems from turning into costly repairs.

2. Is It Possible to See Stuff Up Your Wall?

When putting up Halloween decorations, be aware of exterior damage to your home. You can find small problems that need repair by looking inside and outside.

Is there something strange crawling on your walls? Mold could be the culprit. Studies show that 7 out 10 homes are affected by water damage. Your home also has the necessary food resources to allow it to thrive.

Window frames and casings are common places, as well as areas around gutters, exterior siding and interior insulation. Due to high humidity levels, your attic can also be a prime location for the growth of mold.

Proper roof ventilation is essential to prevent moisture buildup from damaging your home’s structural components and dampening the attic insulation. It is possible to maintain it by having seasonal roof inspections in Myrtle Beach.

3. Do you feel like there are ghosts in your house?

Unexpected temperature changes or breezes are not always because of ghosts. They are usually caused by an inefficiently sealed door or window, but inadequate attic insulation can also cause them. It is a good idea to check your home for air leaks in order to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

4. Is Your Roof Like a Horror Movie?

Your home can look haunted if it has missing, curled, or buckling roofing shingles. These are signs that you have larger problems and can cause costly roof repairs.

Call Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration now and request a free inspection from our team today if the thought of expensive roof repairs is making your blood boil. We can identify and fix any roof problem, and ensure your home is ready for fall and winter. Are you ready to get started?

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