attic insulationAdding insulation to your attic can significantly reduce your heating and cooling expenses, saving up to $600 per year. Do you need additional attic insulation? Examining the attic floor is a simple way to determine if your attic requires additional insulation. If the existing insulation reaches just up to the tops of the joists, it is likely that you need to add more insulation. On the other hand, if the insulation is well above the joists and you can’t see them, you probably have enough insulation already, and adding more won’t provide a worthwhile return on investment.

Available Options and Associated Costs in Attic Insulation

There are three primary methods for insulating an attic:

Roll-on or blanket-type insulation is a form of insulation that is available in rolls of fiberglass batts, usually measuring 15 or 23 inches in width. These batts are specifically designed to fit between the framing in your attic. If your attic already has existing insulation on the floor, you can simply roll out the batts perpendicular to the framing members, effectively adding an extra insulation layer.

If you are undertaking the insulation or roofing project yourself, using blanket-type material is the easiest option. However, don’t compress it, as this can diminish its effectiveness.

attic insulationLoose-fill or blown-in insulation requires a machine that blows loose-fill cellulose onto the existing attic floor framing. Usually, hiring an insulation contractor is recommended for this job. The advantage of loose-fill insulation is its ability to effectively fill small gaps and hard-to-reach areas.

Sprayed foam polyurethane: This option is ideal if you would like to convert your attic to a finished room. In this case, insulating the roof rather than the floor is essential. Sprayed foam polyurethane adheres to rafters, prevents water vapour, and offers a high R-rating per inch. However, be prepared to pay approximately twice the cost per square foot compared to roll-on and loose-fill insulation.

Determining the Adequate Amount of Attic Insulation

To determine the appropriate amount of insulation to add, refer to the recommended value for your area and remove the existing insulation’s value. If you are unsure about the current insulation level, you can utilize the Home Energy Saver online energy audit tool to make an accurate assessment. You can always hire a roofing contractor in Myrtle Beach to help you with this project.

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