roofing contractorYour roof is built to last decades, with the right maintenance and care. While regular upkeep can help maximize your rooftop’s lifespan, sometimes you need an expert touch – be sure to call a local roofing contractor when necessary for the best results!

When to call a roofing contractor?

Missing Shingles and Granule Loss

Damaged or missing shingles are more than just an eyesore – they can leave your roof vulnerable to water and wind damage. Keep a keen eye out for granules in the gutters, broken pieces on the lawn, or even gaps between tiles as these all could point to failing shingles that should be repaired sooner rather than later.

Shingle Pops

Blistering shingle damage is commonly associated with hail, but in fact, may be caused by an overheated attic. Rising temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit can cause the roof to erupt with blistering and popping tiles; if this occurs it’s important for a qualified roofer to assess your airflow situation as well.

Water Leaks and Stains

Be sure to inspect your roof after any intense weather; pooled water in unexpected areas, as well as obvious stains and leaks near the rooftop or attic area, indicate a major issue. Don’t delay – contact an expert right away before structural damage occurs!

Worn or Loose Flashing

Unsightly cracked, loose, or worn flashing and gaskets can be telltale signs that a roof has been improperly installed. If these show up around vent stacks and chimneys then it’s possible there is an underlying structural issue with the roof. To avoid costly repairs from potential leaks down the line, any areas of shingles meeting protrusions must have sizable coverage to ensure long-term integrity – not just in terms of material but also caulking application which cannot afford even tiny gaps if you want all bases covered!

Unusual Post Storm Debris

Severe weather can cause serious stress on your roof, and when it does happen a thorough inspection should follow. Tree limbs falling onto the surface of the shingles or debris piling up after storms are common issues to watch out for – so if you notice anything off, don’t wait before calling in an expert! Small problems caught now will save larger headaches later down the line.

Mold, Moss, and Algae

Professional remediation is the key to combating algae, mold, and moss growth on your roof. Spores are carried by the wind, quickly spreading troublesome outbreaks that can cause unsightly stains or even structural damage through their root system – if not treated in time. To avoid costly repairs due to water leaks caused by these organisms it’s best practice to have a pro inspect any infestations before they worsen; mild cases may be solved with chemicals while heavy infestations require full replacement of the entire roofing surface.

Ice Dams

Winter weather can have a damaging effect on your home, particularly with ice dams. These form when warm air in the attic melts snow and causes it to crawl underneath shingles, which can damage gutters, loosen tiles and cause water leakage if left untreated. To identify an ice dam quickly look for icicles around the exterior of your house – indicating that there is trapped water behind them from melted snow. It’s best practice to contact a roofing company who has experience removing these icicles safely so any stagnant moisture isn’t causing further issues down the line.

Sagging Roof

If you notice an abnormality in the plane of your roof or a bowing in its line, it is likely indicative of medium to severe structural damage. Don’t hesitate – call your technician as soon as possible – this suggests that the deterioration runs all through down to the foundation layer.

Old Roof

Your roof’s age is an essential factor to consider when evaluating its condition. A newer roof can usually go longer between maintenance checks and inspections, while older roofs require more frequent monitoring as they approach their 20th birthday — the typical lifespan of a roof made from most materials. Being aware of your roof’s age helps you determine whether repairs or roof replacement are necessary for optimal performance.

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