Roof maintenance Myrtle Beach SCYou can prepare your home to withstand the summer heat by doing a few simple things. Keep your roof in good shape with these top summer roof maintenance tips.

Summer Roof Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Look for algae, mold and moss.

Summer can be a time of rain and humidity, two conditions that promote algae growth. Over time, the algae will eat your roof shingles and cause decay. Water buildup can cause algae to grow not only on the roof but also in gutters. Algae can be seen more often during summer and cause damage to your roof or gutters.

Moss on roofs will cause the shingles to curl over time. Heavy moss on roofs can cause shingles to curl and crack. Remove moss and algae from your roof as soon as possible to avoid these problems. It’s important to inspect your roof regularly because mold damage can occur quickly.

Check your attic

Did you know that your attic could reach temperatures of up to 150 degrees in the summer? The heat radiated by your roof during the day is absorbed into the attic. Poorly ventilated attics with heat buildup will shorten your roof’s lifespan. Heat can cause your roof shingles to curl and crack, leading to leaks. Attic insulation can help keep heat and moisture away during summer.

  • Look for signs of mold and moisture in your attic and rafters during your summer roof inspection. This can indicate a leakage.
  • You can tell if your roof is affected by mold growth by looking at the signs.
  • You may have a roof hole if you notice watermarks on the walls or ceiling of your attic.
  • You may have a roof problem if your attic is musty or you see mildew on your ceiling.
  • If your rafters are discolored, it means that the wood has been soaked up by water from an above-roof leak.

Replace missing shingles

It may seem easy to replace shingles, but using the wrong nails or placing new shingles on top of old ones can cause further damage. The wrong shingle can fade, crack or grow algae. While inspecting a roofing system, you may cause further damage by walking on damaged shingles. This could lead to future roof leaks. Even minor patchwork repairs can have a negative impact on the health and safety of your roof. Many homeowners call in professionals to replace and inspect missing shingles because of these issues.

Tree limbs

You must regularly trim the trees that are hanging over your roof in order to avoid them breaking during a storm. Even if a tree appears to be healthy and strong, harsh summer storms may cause it to break and fall on your roof. Low-hanging branches are able to easily strip asphalt and shingles from your roof. These branches can also cause your gutters to become clogged with the leaves and twigs that fall from them. If you have cedar shake roofing, be extra careful when trimming branches that are overhanging. They can cause moisture to build up and they need to breathe.

Roof maintenance Myrtle Beach SCRemove all debris

Remove any debris that has accumulated on your roof over the summer. This includes branches and twigs that can cause roof leaks. A clean roof can reflect sunlight and prevent your home from becoming overheated in the summer.

Safety should always be your first priority when you are removing debris yourself from your roof. Wear slip-resistant footwear and use a leaf blower for parts of the roof you can’t reach. Never power wash your roof. You can damage your roof by power washing shingles or lifting them.

Replace & clean up loose gutters

Most homeowners don’t enjoy spending an afternoon cleaning their gutters, but this is a necessary task to prevent serious damage to your home.

In the summer, it’s vital to regularly clean your gutters. Many things, such as leaves, dirt and bird’s nests, can clog your drains and gutters. There is a good chance that your gutters are clogged if you see bugs crawling in them. Mice and squirrels build their nests from the debris that is clogged in gutters.

If your gutters become clogged, the water will collect on your roof. It will also sit under your shingles. This is a breeding ground for decay and mold. After a storm, you should check your gutters to see if debris has made its way in.

Have you noticed that your gutters are sagging? The debris that has accumulated in the gutters over time can cause them to bend and sag. You may notice that they are pulling away from the house. Check to see if there are any granules in your downspouts. It is likely that you will have shingle damage if you notice large amounts.

You may have debated hiring someone to do a roof project or if you should just do it yourself. Roofs are both complex and dangerous. You can cause further damage to the roof and yourself if you don’t have the right tools, materials and knowledge.

Roof inspections can reveal problems you may not have been aware of. Roof inspections are important to ensure that problems do not develop, particularly after a summer storm. Roof inspections should not be ignored as they are an important part of roof maintenance.

Your roof is very important. Many of us do not realize how much heat, humidity and storms can impact the integrity of our roof. You should not skip your summer roof maintenance. It may be necessary to schedule a roof inspection if you notice any issues during roof maintenance. Arnett Roofing & Construction can schedule an appointment to help you make your roof as durable as possible.

Preventative maintenance will save you money compared to major repairs! We can help you if you are in need of roof experts. Call Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration now for a roof inspection.

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