Roof replacementHave your neighbors recently replaced their roofs? Developers tend to build houses in the same neighborhood at the same time. You may have to schedule roof replacement sooner than you thought.

Roofs are an integral part of every house. This makes roof repairs very popular. Although roofing services are highly sought after all year, there are times when it is easier to get an estimate. You can read more and request a quote from one of our roofing contractors.

Roof Replacement Tips


Temperatures may rise to the point where roof replacement can be started as soon as snow melts and the ground starts to thaw. To avoid premature failure, certain roofing products must be installed in warm conditions. Our roofing contractor in Myrtle Beach is busy in spring.


Because most homeowners are busy planning their summer vacations, weekend getaways and graduation parties, summer is a great time to install a roof. Because there is less competition for roofing services, it’s possible to get your estimate early in the summer and have a new roof before fall.

Don’t delay, though, as our contractors will still be in demand because of the Spring overflow. People who didn’t schedule it in spring or early might be rushing to have it completed in the fall or late summer.


Our roofers are busy in the fall because homeowners have to replace their roofs before the snow arrives. Many homeowners don’t know they have roofing problems until the fall when it rains and winds hard. You can prepare your roof for fall.


It is not recommended to install a new roof during winter. For roofing materials like asphalt shingles to perform properly, they must be installed at specific temperatures. It is important to plan ahead for roof installations so that you don’t find a leaky roof in February.

When the temperature of the roof exceeds that of the eaves, ice dams can form. The water that flows towards the eaves is formed when the snow melts on the roof. Once it reaches the cold edges, this water turns into an ice sheet. This prevents future meltwater from escaping.

If an ice dam is not removed, water will seep into your walls and ceilings. To prevent ice dams, keep your roof and attic cool to stop snow from melting.

Our roofing contractors might be able to do a small roof repair to get you through winter. Remember that winter is a peak season for emergency roof repairs. High winds, snow, hail and freeze-thaw cycles can make residential roofing more susceptible to leaking.

Don’t wait until your roof leaks

Although it may seem obvious that your roof should be replaced before it leaks you would be surprised at how many homeowners delay doing so. We know that a new roof can be an investment in your home.

Every drop of water that you don’t pay attention to accumulates over time. You could have water damage in your walls and attic if you don’t address a damaged roof.

Your roof protects your home from weather elements. You should contact your local roofing contractor immediately if you see that your roof is starting to fade or is becoming damaged.

Exploring different roofing materials is one of the first steps in roof replacement. Once we have decided which material is best for you, we can then gather the necessary tools and equipment to get started.

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