roofingThe maintenance of a home is a major part of owning a house. When you discover that your roofing system needs repair or replacement, this can be a challenge. What do you need to know about the process or whom to contact?

What happens after you have arranged for several estimates from different companies (we recommend two or three)? What can you expect during the process? Don’t worry! Here’s a breakdown for you. Here are seven things to look out for on your roof quote.

Information of the Roofing Company

A good quote will include all the contact information of the company (name, email, phone number, address). If you have any questions or concerns, it is essential to contact the company easily. The quote should also contain information about their insurance and licensing. Make sure that the company has full insurance coverage so that you won’t be held responsible for any issues.

Detailed Description

The quote for roofing work should be extremely detailed. Be sure to clearly define the steps of completion. The description should include:

  • A list of specific materials that can be used
  • What to do with your old roof?
  • If they find decaying materials, what will they do?


It should include the start date as well as an estimated completion date. Don’t forget to ask about the quote date and expiration date.

It is crucial to set the start date in stone. You want to ensure that this date fits your schedule as repairing or replacing the roof can be quite loud. Since many factors affect the completion of the project, it is essential to estimate when you will end your project. Roofing contractors should still factor in these considerations. It is essential to include the date of the estimate, as this will determine how long the estimate will be valid.

roofingRoofing Materials

The list should include the materials needed. It should consist of the shingles and gutters, the roof decking and vents, and even the type of nails they plan to use.

Warranty Information

A reputable roofing company will stand behind its work and workmanship. You should specify in your roofing quote what is covered and what is not covered by the company’s warranty. The quote should include the following information:

  • What is the guarantee of workmanship?
  • How long does the workmanship guarantee last?
  • What is the guarantee on materials?
  • How long is the guarantee on materials?
  • What guarantees are there regarding the disposal and cleaning of waste materials?

Estimated Payment

A good roofing quote details your payment process. What is the deposit amount? When will the balance be paid? A word of caution: be wary of companies that require you to pay for the entire balance before beginning any work. Reliable roofers in Myrtle Beach won’t do that. Even though many companies ask for a deposit to begin the work, you should never pay the entire cost upfront. We also recommend that you do not pay in full until all work has been completed to your satisfaction. The roofer will want you to be satisfied with the work and won’t consider it finished until you approve of it.

Details matter when comparing quotes. Reliable, established roofing companies should be willing to explain the scope of work. Quotes from reputable roofing companies show that they will provide protection to their clients.

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